Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fashion: Pop Tarts

If dark and moody shades of grey aren't your thing this autumn/winter, try a little colour, well, a lot of colour actually. 
  1. These gorgeous pink armwarmers from sachiko are perfect for looking cool and keeping warm. 
  2. Spirited Style have the most amazing range of colourful handbags. Watch out for a range of new designs coming March 1st.
  3. Add a bit of fun to any outfit with 'cant sleep clowns will eat me' buttons from Stoopidgerl.
  4. I came across Canberra designer Karmen Sega at their local markets a couple of weeks ago. She has some beautiful leather handbags and purses. Check out Canberras arts and crafts markets for her work.
  5. Top off your winter look with a great hat, like this one from Sydney designer Baboom

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Art Express: James Daly

James Daly's work is a depiction of the mind just waking up from a dream - an amazing mix of colours, symbols, images and patterns. Just love it! See more from Art Express at

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fashion: Hitchcock Heroines

Now I'm usually the first person the complain when stores start promoting autumn/winter stock when its still the middle of summer. But I have to admit this past weeks constant rain made me realise summer is slowly on its way out. So whats happening with autumn/winter fashion? Well there seem to be two distinct styles, the first, think retro galmour. Black, dark blue or purple and cherry red. Tailored suites and pencil skirts. The femme fatale: 

  1. Add a little knitted French luxury to your wardrobe this winter with a beautiful buttoned scarflette from friedinbutter. Available in a variety of colours including black and red. 
  2. Necklush is made from cut cotton loops by a New York based business. Very unique they make a great change from usual scarfs and can be worn in lots of different ways.
  3. Try a bit of original vintage glamour, like this stunning dress from my favorite vintage
  4. One of my favourites, Gazzu has some beautiful head bands. Try this black and red one, a steal at only US$7.75.
  5. Pencil skirts are a great look this autumn. New York based designer Soho Mode have a great selection in traditional or more daring fabrics, teamed with fabulous contrasting belts. 
  6. Bonniesknitting uses vintage patterns and fabric to create these gorgeous 1920s style hats. Perfect for topping off that winter retro look.

Decisions, decisions

We got our house! Yeay! And I promised myself if we did I would buy one of Geninne's prints. But I just cant decide which one. Let me know which one you like best. And check out more of Geninne's prints on her etsy site

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Art Express: Elsie Brown

Elsie Brown's beautiful combinations of illustration and collage explore the concept of memory and confabulation - the formation of false memories or the confusion of imagination with memory.
You can read more on the Art Express website.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Art Express: Prudence Bell

I'm so pleased that being back in Aussie means I'm around for the Art Express exhibition. 
Art Express features the work of HSC art students from around NSW. There is always so much variety and so many ideas, its well worth a visit. Currently its showing at the Art Gallery if NSW until 9th April. I was so impressed with this years exhibit I thought I'd take some time and go through looking at each artists I particularly liked. Starting with Prudence Bell:
Her work is based around fractals and she has created some really beautiful images. Some of the work seems to have a resin or a thick orange/brown varnish underneath that has then been painted over. Other than that I dont know how she did it, but they are lovely to look at.
You can see more on art express here.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Summer Nights Sydney

Aaron's finally been out and about in Sydney taking a few photos around Luna Park. Some of them we'll be adding to the creative monsoon site like the 'Summer Nights' ferris wheel, but here are a few others.
His new website for weddings, events and family portraits will hopefully be up and running soon (my job, better get onto it.) But in the meantime you can check out his photography blog here.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Beach hut chic

It's been a very busy and strange week here. We've spent most of our time house hunting and even though I'm trying not to get attached to the cute little place we've put an offer on, of course I cant help but start designing rooms in my head. The place we're after has a lovely beach hut feel to it, so with this in mind I've been scouring the internet in search of little beach themed goodies. Not your cliche overdone sea shells and starfish, but something softer with a dream-like quality. Perfect for relaxing weekends in the sun.

  1. Always a fan of Geninne's work. She has three gorgeous nautical prints available. I think when we finally get a place of our own I'm going to treat myself to one of her prints.  
  2. I just love these little stones covered in crochet work. They become a mix of sea urchins, shells and smoothed pebbles -all the things I love to go hunting for on the beach. My only problem with these little guys from knitalatte is that you buy a photo of them, not the actual pebbles. But I guess postage would be a bit on the high side for a bunch of the real thing.
  3. This beautiful bowl edged in gold leaf reads: 'The deepest waters flow with the least sound'. From paloma's nest.
  4. Another lovely handmade dish this time by raedunn.
  5. Original 10x8 fishing boat print from creative monsoon. We came across these boats  while on a walk in the English countryside last year. Great texture. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Words of Love

Valentine's is nearly here! If you haven't been dropping hints about flowers and chocolates better start quick! I've just finished another love themed card, probably a bit late for this Valentines Day but it would still work well for anniversaries etc. It's based on one of those word search games. So I thought I'd have a look at other word themed Valentines gifts. 

  1. Creative Monsoons new 'Find Love' card. 14.5cm sqaure (approx 5 3/5inch) 
  2. All you need is love - or one of these fun prints from theloveshop.
  3. L.O.V.E LOVE, that word, shown beautifully as a set of four mixed media artworks by cathynichols. Stack them as a square or horizontally, or however you like.
  4. Love is forever with these lovely balsa wood tags from perchpapiers.
  5. Spell it out with these great little 'be mine' badges by forknspoon.
  6. Awwww... this cute little freezer bag from inklore will not only ease bumps and bruises but show how much you care.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Four, four, four, four...

A friend sent me this little email, a quick way to stay in touch. 

a) Four places that I go over and over: Well six months ago in London that would have been boring places like the post office and bank. But now I can say... the beach, the garden center, the giant shopping center down the road and the thai restaurant round the corner.

b) Four people who email me regularly: My mum, my sister, the ad manager, the editor.

c) Four favourite smells: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, coffee

d) Four places I would rather be right now: Venice, the beach, eating a pizza, a boat on the harbour. 

e) Four TV shows I watch: the news?? 

f) Last four books I read (and a rating out of 5): 'Friends Like These' by Danny Wallace 4/5. 'Taking Flight' by Kelly Rae Roberts 2/5.  'The Creative Entrepreneur' by Lisa Sonra Beam 3/5. 'Gustav Kilmt Landscapes' by Stephan Koja 2/5. 

g) Last four movies I watched (and a rating out of 5): Yes Man (5/5 very funny) Ratatouille (5/5 best movie in ages) 28 Dresses (3/5) Devil Wears Prada (5/5)

Send the questions with your answers to someone you've not heard from in a while :)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Half Price Jewelry Sale!!

Valentines Day is nearly here! And we've got lots of lovely new jewelry on the way, so to make room we're having a sale! One week only! 50% off all jewelry on etsy and the creative monsoon site!

  1. 'Lucky charm' 3/4" (2cm) pendant 50% OFF - ONLY US$12.50 at etsy
  2. 'Love Bird' necklace 1" (2.7cm) charm on a ribbon chain - perfect little Valentine's gift wit 50% OFF - ONLY US$22.50 at etsy
  3. Square 'Dragonfly' necklace with ribbon chain 50% OFF - AU$39.50 at creative monsoon
  4. 'Holiday Dream' pendant of beautiful matching beaded chain - AU$59.50 at creative monsoon
  5. 'Dragonfly' 1" across charm on white ribbon. 50% OFF - US$22.50 at etsy
  6. 'Lucky' square pendent on black ribbon. 50% OFF- only AU$39.5o at creative monsoon
  7. 2.5 x 5.5cm pendant 'Together" on blue ribbon chain. 50% OFF - AU$44.50 at creative monsoon
  8. 'Take Flight' pendant. 50% OFF- ONLY US$22.50 at etsy
  9. 'Wish' beautiful square pendant on a white shell chain. 50% OFF - AU$54.50! At creative monsoon.