Monday, 16 February 2009

Art Express: Prudence Bell

I'm so pleased that being back in Aussie means I'm around for the Art Express exhibition. 
Art Express features the work of HSC art students from around NSW. There is always so much variety and so many ideas, its well worth a visit. Currently its showing at the Art Gallery if NSW until 9th April. I was so impressed with this years exhibit I thought I'd take some time and go through looking at each artists I particularly liked. Starting with Prudence Bell:
Her work is based around fractals and she has created some really beautiful images. Some of the work seems to have a resin or a thick orange/brown varnish underneath that has then been painted over. Other than that I dont know how she did it, but they are lovely to look at.
You can see more on art express here.

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Anonymous said...

I visited the Museum today and was blown away by this work..Prudence I'm a fan!

Krishna from the UK