Sunday, 27 February 2011

handy home hints

Ever since we got our new floor boards put in I've been looking for a good way to keep them clean, and the other day we discovered a great method just by chance. So I thought I would share my floor cleaning tip on the blog.

You will need:
Dishwashing liquid
A mop
A bubble gun

Yup, fill the bubble gun with the right mix of water and dishwashing liquid and fire it all over the room! The bubbles that settle are the perfect amount of water and dishwashing liquid to mop up leaving clean shiny floors without any excess and they dry in moments! Plus its way more fun that normal mopping. Scampi shares his tips on bubble gun floor cleaning:
Monitor your bubbles closely
Don't be afraid to let the bubbles know whos boss
They may retaliate
But hold your ground and they will fall into line
Make sure all your bubbles fall to the ground
And watch out for sneaky stray ones that land on your ears!

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Lotus of Bahapur

Ahh the Sydney Opera House, those beautiful tiled sails, nothing can beat it for architectural beauty right? Well, this isn't the Opera House...

Curves of petals
pic by abrinsky

…when I first saw this picture I thought someone had been having fun in photoshop, but this is actually the Lotus of Bahapur in India. A house of worship designed by Fariborz Sahba. Of course the Opera House is still first for originality, the Lotus wasn't built until 1986, but Im surprised such a beautiful building is not more well know.

lotus temple, new delhi, india
Pic by b a l w a n t
Lotus Temple
Pic by Richard Lamprecht

Monday, 7 February 2011

buddha and lotus

buddha and lotus

So I cant really say new work for this, its something I did many years ago and just found on an old backup this weekend. But its still really lovely :) 'Buddha and lotus' available in my etsy and redbubble shops.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

the other man in my life

scampi sleeping

I stumbled on the cutest blog today about a girl and her french bulldog, The Duncan and Macbeth. I love her comment "I would have never thought that something that snores like a 70 yr. old man and farts like a frat boy would steal my heart." Can't agree more :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

sculpture by the sea

sculptures by sea 1
sculptures by sea 2
sculptures by sea 3

Bad, bad me Im so far behind with all my blog posts!
Last year we finally made it to Sculpture by the Sea, two years right by Bondi and we'd never been before!  My favourite sculptures were the steel camel complete with its own sewing machine by Suzie Bleach & Andy Townsend, and a beautiful wave made from eucalyptus sticks by Peter Collins. But of course I have to love the steel French Bulldog sculptures by Geoff Harvey standing on sentry duty along the coastal path.