Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I've been going a little map mad lately. It's been a long term project working with maps in my work, I love to scan them for a bit of added texture in a digital work. But recently I've been looking at mixed media ideas. Here are a few favourites:

Frances Berrini
After spending the whole day working on mini maps and playing with the idea of breaking them up and turning them into new countries, I was excited and a tad disappointed to stumble onto Frances Berrini's work. 

Matthew Cusick

Mountains and roads made from maps! Love it! Or turn them into trees.

Sunlight 1
Tofu Art


Tofu said...

Hi Jenn,
Glad to hear you like my work. I love working with old maps. You can see more on my site
- Tofu

Ana ML said...

Now, that's what we call amazing art.. :D