Saturday, 22 February 2014

Plants from scraps

The next step in the great garden conversion - plants. Kitting out such a big space with herbs and vegetables will be pretty pricey so I've been looking into growing plants from scraps. Above is my mutant capsicum grown in just a week from a few seeds saved from a store bought capsicum. And below the spring onions and leek have started to grow. Testing out some lemon basil too.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vegi garden

It's time for a new diy project around the house. Last year we had two big designs - the kitchen and nursery, well three if you count the baby too! So now we need a big new project to get stuck into and I've decided to create a vegi garden.
We're going to use the big space down the side of the house. It gets enough sun, but not too much and is close enough to the fence to run some sort of netting to keep pesky possums out.
A few problems. What to do with big ugly open drain? How to make sure it won't be in the way when it comes to building in underneath at a later date? And we need a water tank. 
First job is to clear it out and remove the mini jungle. We've made a start and ID'd a few plants like this blue ginger which is apparently quite rare.