Friday, 19 September 2014

yumi okita

This month I'm loving the work of Yumi Okita. These beautiful big textile moths make me wish I could sew.


Das said...

I love moths, they are the butterflies of the night. This nocturnal creature craves light so much that it will immolate itself in pursuit of it. On the one hand, it symbolizes the sublimation of the ego as death makes the soul a part of the collective unconscious. On the other, it is an emblem of stupidity, vanity, and hubris.
Like the butterfly, the moth symbolizes the disembodied soul. However, the moth is also seen as a destructive force since, unlike the butterfly, it can do damage and is sometimes seen as a pest. Although the clothes-eating moth is something of a rarity, moths in general have suffered a bad reputation.

Poetryman said...

Terrible and beautiful. When non human creatures become large I begin to wonder at their intent.