On- Thursday 23 April 2009

Something that I really wasn't expecting to find in the Australian desert was dragonflies. There were masses of them. Wherever there was a patch of water, there were loads dragonflies fluttering about in all sorts of beautiful bright colours.
  1. How to look cool while wondering the desert? These canvas field bags from Rainbow Swirlz are a steal at US$20 and come in plenty of fab colours. 
  2. Celebrate Spring! With this lovely handmade dragonfly pendant. Only US$18 from creative monsoons etsy store. 
  3. These easy to apply vinyl stickers add a unique touch to any room. 15 dragonflies for US$15 from Size Under a Tree.
  4. This beautiful three piece set by D Gordon would make the perfect gift. I love the rough unfinished edges, and the bottom is even decorated! US$31 
  5. Or try this cobalt blue dish at only US$14

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