Lovely Lilies

On- Monday 1 June 2009

It's pouring with rain and freezing cold outside so lets brighten things up with some lovely lilies. 

  1. This beautiful fabric bag would brighten up any winter day. US$46 from A Touch of Stardust.
  2. The latest print from creative monsoon, 'the new lily' $45
  3. Sleep in style with this gorgeous lily eye mask, on US$12 from BibBon
  4. This beautiful clutch from IMH Designs will be a great reminder of sunny days, US$72
  5. Spirited Styles hobo handbag will have you dreaming of tropical holidays even in the most gloomy weather, US$142
  6. Simple and sweet this lovely little girls skirt by Kate Emerson Designs just looks so cute. US$31
  7. I love fabric covered buttons. Dwillingham have a whole bunch of fabrics to choose from. And only US$4.50 for two.

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