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On- Sunday 27 February 2011

Ever since we got our new floor boards put in I've been looking for a good way to keep them clean, and the other day we discovered a great method just by chance. So I thought I would share my floor cleaning tip on the blog.

You will need:
Dishwashing liquid
A mop
A bubble gun

Yup, fill the bubble gun with the right mix of water and dishwashing liquid and fire it all over the room! The bubbles that settle are the perfect amount of water and dishwashing liquid to mop up leaving clean shiny floors without any excess and they dry in moments! Plus its way more fun that normal mopping. Scampi shares his tips on bubble gun floor cleaning:

Monitor your bubbles closely
Don't be afraid to let the bubbles know whos boss
They may retaliate
But hold your ground and they will fall into line
Make sure all your bubbles fall to the ground
And watch out for sneaky stray ones that land on your ears!

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