lake tekapo project

On- Thursday 6 September 2012

Still continuing to work on my Lake Tekapo project. I have a few works on the go at moment, but yesterday I finished this one.

I started this with another work in progress - a mountain range made of security envelopes then layers of tissue paper and lace with washes over the top for the water. I took a photo of that on my iphone with the hipstamatic ap. It desaturated the image quite a bit but gave it some nice added texture. I took that image into photoshop, adjusted the levels and added a damask pattern to the water and few more layers of texture. Flipped the mountain range so there is a subtle reflection in the water and boosted the colours back up. And voilà - as yet untitled Lake Tekapo digital mixed media collage.
You can purchase a print in our etsy shop. Feel free to suggest a nice title for it.

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