Unicorn cakes - from whimsical to wickedly delicious

On- Friday 12 October 2018

Unicorn cakes have sprinkled magic into the world of baking, and they're more fabulous than ever. Traditionally, the were all about pastel perfection, but now they've taken a cheeky turn towards the sassy side. 

The Sweet Side 
Let's start with the classics – traditional unicorn cakes. They're a pastel dream with swirls of buttercream, glitter, and fondant unicorn horns. Perfect for kids' parties and baby showers, they're pure delight like this beautiful example from Juniper Cakery in the UK complete with tutorial.

The Sassy Side 
 But hold on to your sugar horns! There's a naughtier twist in town. Picture a unicorn who's indulged a bit too much, a chubby unicorn with a sly grin. Covered in colorful frosting, these cakes are cute and downright hilarious.

A Slice of Rainbow Magic
 But there's a twist that's as enchanting as it is mischievous. Imagine slicing into a unicorn cake and revealing layers of vibrant rainbow sponge.

A Cheeky Unicorn 
 And here comes the cheeky twist – some unicorn cakes feature a naughty unicorn playfully licking the end of the rainbow.

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