5 top tips for decorating a kid’s bathroom

On- Tuesday 19 March 2019

colourful kids bathroom idea

When it comes to decorating a kids bathroom you probably don't want to be altering tiling and fixtures that will become out dated once the kids grow, but there are plenty of quick ways to inject a little fun and colour into a family bathroom.

1. Shower Curtains. So simple and easy to replace as the kids get bigger, or you just feel like a change. Like this orange octopus and rainbow bunting design

kids shower curtains

2. Mirrors. They don't have to be boring. Paint the edge in a bold colour or try something like these multiple mirrors that are not only fun, but they can be positioned at different heights meaning littlies can see too. Pic Doherty Design Studio.

colourful bathroom mirrors

3. Art. A quick and easy way to brighten up a space for kids and these prints are great for teaching bathroom responsibilities.

kids bathroom set of prints

4. Hooks. Like the stags head above and this crazy but cool octopus arm below (from etsy seller ArtAkimbo) there are plenty of unique ideas for hanging towels which should be easy to replace once the kids get older (personally though I'd have this octopus arm in my bathroom any day)

pink octopus wall hook

5. Storage. Practical ways to keep things in order can also be used to add a pop of colour. Like these DIY personalised shelves via parents.com

kids bathroom storage

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