5 Fun Art and Craft Projects to Beat Holiday Boredom

On- Tuesday 30 May 2023

The arrival of summer school holidays for children in the northern hemisphere means it's time for fun! But, as the days stretch out, the onset of boredom can dim the excitement. Fear not, creative monsoon has assembled a list of some of our favourite art and craft projects that will engage and entertain, AND ignite their creativity. Check out these five activities to banish boredom on the summer break.

1. Seashell Painting 

Great for all ages. Capture the essence of the seaside by painting seashells in bright, tropical hues. Encourage your child to collect various seashells during a beach trip or purchase them from a craft store. With acrylic paints and brushes in hand, they can transform these shells into miniature canvases, adorning them with vibrant patterns, oceanic scenes, or whimsical designs. Seashell painting brings the beauty of the beach directly into your child's artwork. Pic erinsummer_

summer craft project painted shells

2. Yarn-Wrapped Octopus

This cute project combines the joy of working with colourful yarn or wool and the excitement of creating a whimsical octopus. Paint a toilet or paper towel roll, or use our free octopus template to help practice those scissor skills too. Download the template here.

summer craft project wool wrapped octopus
3. Paper Plate Butterflies

Create a fluttering masterpiece with a paper plate butterfly! With vibrant pom pom bodies, adorable googly eyes, and the simplicity of paper plates, these delightful creatures will bring a touch of whimsy to any room. Paint the plate in beautiful colours, then use a paddle pop stick for the body and glue on pompoms. Finish with googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for the antennae. 

summer kids craft Paper Plate Butterflies

4. Sew Your Own Animal Cushion

Dive into a delightful sewing project with one of our fabric panels. Kids can create their own adorable cushion, simple to cut out and sew, there are five designs to choose from here including a whale and octopus. Just add your stuffing and cuddle. 

Sew Your Own Animal Cushions whale and octopus

5. Plastic Straw Seahorse

Transform ordinary plastic straws into whimsical seahorses, bringing the magic of the ocean to life. With a few simple materials such as a pip cleaner, some plastic straws, plastic bottle top and yep - a good old googly eye.
Plastic Straw Seahorse

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