Arundel walk

On- Saturday 14 June 2008

My first attempt at a blog post :)
A selection of pictures from a walk we did in Arundel this long weekend. Shot with the little plastic holga lens I had modified to fit the digital camera, and then a bit of photoshop work. Used a new lomo technique I found online, think I prefer this one to other Ive tried:
Vignette: Make a freehand selection with feather set to about 80, invert. Create a levels layer and darken the selection. (Didnt use this step on some of the images)
Colour saturation: Create a new layer and fill with black, change the blending mode to Hue and opacity about 40%.
Sharpen: Change image mode to lab colour. Select the channel window and click on the lightness channel, then use unsharp mask. Change back to RGB.

This is the basic version. The full tutorial is here: 
How to make digital photos look like lomo photography

To finish I added texture from other images with layers, blending mode set to multiply, colour dodge, overlay and vivd light work well too for different looks.

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