Mellow Yellow

On- Thursday 29 January 2009

So Pantone has selected its Colour of Year for 2009. And I have to say I was a little surprised at it being yellow. But apparently Pantone feel that at this time, with a change in US government and so much doom and gloom around in the economy, we need a little optimism. So they have picked Mimosa tree yellow, (a Mimosa tree seems to look a lot like a Wattle tree.) It's also available as an eco friendly paint, although I think I'd feel like I was inside a giant egg if I painted my walls this colour. But still, it would be a happy optimistic egg room.

So in honor I have selected some of my favourite yellow things at the moment:
  1. Mimosa Yellow from Pantone.
  2. Just added to the creative monsoon website this week!  8x8" print titled "Fields of Gold" 
  3. A lovely limited addition print from Swallowfields etsy shop. Great pattern, love the almost doodle-like designs. 
  4. I'm not sure who started remaking the keep calm and carry on posters, there are so many out there. But I think I prefer this new one, now panic and freak out. 
  5. Another lovely mixed media artist. meArtDesign
  6. Becoming a bit of a favourite. Gazzu has this great yellow oversized ponytail holder, love it, want it. 
  7. A cute little purse from Jennifer Ladd, she has some great bold prints to really stand out. 

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