Half Price Jewelry Sale!!

On- Sunday 1 February 2009

Valentines Day is nearly here! And we've got lots of lovely new jewelry on the way, so to make room we're having a sale! One week only! 50% off all jewelry on etsy and the creative monsoon site!

  1. 'Lucky charm' 3/4" (2cm) pendant 50% OFF - ONLY US$12.50 at etsy
  2. 'Love Bird' necklace 1" (2.7cm) charm on a ribbon chain - perfect little Valentine's gift wit 50% OFF - ONLY US$22.50 at etsy
  3. Square 'Dragonfly' necklace with ribbon chain 50% OFF - AU$39.50 at creative monsoon
  4. 'Holiday Dream' pendant of beautiful matching beaded chain - AU$59.50 at creative monsoon
  5. 'Dragonfly' 1" across charm on white ribbon. 50% OFF - US$22.50 at etsy
  6. 'Lucky' square pendent on black ribbon. 50% OFF- only AU$39.5o at creative monsoon
  7. 2.5 x 5.5cm pendant 'Together" on blue ribbon chain. 50% OFF - AU$44.50 at creative monsoon
  8. 'Take Flight' pendant. 50% OFF- ONLY US$22.50 at etsy
  9. 'Wish' beautiful square pendant on a white shell chain. 50% OFF - AU$54.50! At creative monsoon. 

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