Beach hut chic

On- Friday 13 February 2009

It's been a very busy and strange week here. We've spent most of our time house hunting and even though I'm trying not to get attached to the cute little place we've put an offer on, of course I cant help but start designing rooms in my head. The place we're after has a lovely beach hut feel to it, so with this in mind I've been scouring the internet in search of little beach themed goodies. Not your cliche overdone sea shells and starfish, but something softer with a dream-like quality. Perfect for relaxing weekends in the sun.

  1. Always a fan of Geninne's work. She has three gorgeous nautical prints available. I think when we finally get a place of our own I'm going to treat myself to one of her prints.  
  2. I just love these little stones covered in crochet work. They become a mix of sea urchins, shells and smoothed pebbles -all the things I love to go hunting for on the beach. My only problem with these little guys from knitalatte is that you buy a photo of them, not the actual pebbles. But I guess postage would be a bit on the high side for a bunch of the real thing.
  3. This beautiful bowl edged in gold leaf reads: 'The deepest waters flow with the least sound'. From paloma's nest.
  4. Another lovely handmade dish this time by raedunn.
  5. Original 10x8 fishing boat print from creative monsoon. We came across these boats  while on a walk in the English countryside last year. Great texture. 

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