Babushka, babushka...ya-ya

On- Thursday 19 March 2009

These cute little guys are everywhere at the moment. Babushka dolls, (also know as matryoshka) originated in Russia and are most commonly know for the nesting dolls in decreasing sizes. But there are so many variations around:
  1. I love this take on the Babushka doll by Ferragamo Studio in Florida. She is hand embroidered and decorated with lots of different fabrics and ribbon. A very pretty gift, US$36.
  2. If you feel like making your own Babushka set, Matryoshka Dolls sells blank nesting dolls in a variety of shapes and sizes from as little as AU$6.75 - bargin!
  3. These Bandai Unazukin are tricky little things to track down. But worth the hunt I think - it's voice activated, nodding or shaking it's head in response. How cute?! Try looking for them on ebay. Around US$15.
  4. For the techno geek there is this slick black option featuring the various storage capacities in sequence.
  5. I couldn't contain myself when these arrived the other day - how gorgeous! They are part of a limited edition by Kenzo perfume to be released soon.
  6. Ravenhill in Norway have some beautiful hand-made dolls in a lovely selection fabrics. They're sure to bring a smile to your face. US$34

UPDATE: Even more Babushka. Check out these fantastic Babushka inspired lights by Russian designer Dima Loginoff

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