Sunday snaps

On- Sunday 8 March 2009

Last week the lovely sfgirlbybay was kind enough to feature some of my photos on her blog along with other peoples shots from all over the world taken on that Sunday.

Well I didn't think I'd have anything to submit this weekend, Mardi Gras kept us out till late on Saturday night and the weather looked a pretty gloomy today. But we went for a little drive to check out some rock pools for a future photo shoot and I made sure I had my camera phone. 

This shot is Mahon Pool in Maroubra. It started to pour with rain as soon as we got there and walking along the grassy cliff top, wind howling and totally drenched, I felt a bit like a character lost on the moors in a Jane Austin novel (although I doubt women wore fluro beach towels over their heads in those days). But, I managed to get a couple of shots and I've had a play around with them this afternoon. I think there are some good ideas for future work. 

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