kitchen plan

On- Saturday 6 April 2013

No point in having a new kitchen without a plan, so here it is. We'll be knocking a wall out that runs down the middle to make one big room which will double the size of the kitchen. At the moment we have a big empty space we call the fridge room because thats all there is in it. And we're knocking out the wall at the front to create a big space opening out onto the dinning area.

The back wall will be the oven, range above, with open shelves either side. Two double gas burners rather than one four, spaced out so you can fit more than two pots on at a time. And farmhouse sink under the window. Then currently where we have a little old oven alcove, we'll put a sliding cupboard door in front. When you open it up, you can step inside to a butlers pantry and big bench for appliances. Shut the door and hide all the clutter.

A big island unit in the middle will hold the dishwasher and sliding bin draw. The industrial lights should hang above this. If the bench is two meters across, two lights should do. On the right hand side I'd like to run the cabinets right up to the ceiling.

A window seat in the corner with pull out or lift up storage for all the puppy things like food and toys. This might be a DIY project for later.

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