renovating an old queenslander

On- Monday 1 April 2013

Poor old creative monsoons been a bit neglected of late. But I'll be getting back into it in a big way, I have loads of updates for my artwork that need to be done, and at the end of last year we bought a big old Queensland just crying out to be renovated.

So the first job is the kitchen. The current kitchen is the sort of thing real estate agents call 'authentic', 'original' and 'full of character' - basically really old and falling apart. It seems to be the original kitchen that was built with the house in the 1930s. It's going. And the first big project is going to be replacing it. I've got the design worked out in my head, now it't time to get things finalised.

Over the last couple of months I've been very busy on pinterest collecting all the interior design pics that inspire me. The great thing about pinterest is that once you start collecting loads of images you start to see the same elements appearing, and it really helps to hone in on what it is you like.

Love the cabinet style, the white and the lights.

White, subway brick tiles, high cupboards

White with chocolate brown, farmhouse sink, industrial lights

Floor to ceiling storage

Those silver lights with the white again

Chalkboard paint and a library ladder to reach those high shelves

Industrial lights, white with chocolate brown, cabinet style, subway tiles... tick tick tick and tick

Pics via pinterest

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