Peach Fuzz: Not so Peachy Keen?

On- Monday 11 December 2023

Pantone's 2024 colour of the year has arrived, and a big chunk of the world collectively went, "Huh?"Peach Fuzz? Is that even a colour? Isn't it just beige with a fancy name?" While some embraced the choice of this soft, muted shade of orange, meant to evoke warmth and coziness in our quest for togetherness, others weren't as kind, suggesting it might be better described as "slightly used bandaid" or "peach fuzz? more like butt fluff"! Ouch! Clearly, it wasn't what everyone expected. As lovers of vibrant colours, we might initially gravitate towards bolder hues, and I personally would have like to have seen it with a little more pink, but there's untapped potential in making Peach Fuzz shine when paired thoughtfully.

tubs of paint including peach fuzz

Craving more contrast?
Enliven Peach Fuzz by pairing it with vibrant greens or teals for a striking contrast! This unexpected duo injects personality and energy into any space. Picture a living room oasis with Peach Fuzz walls and lively teal accents or a bedroom retreat with soothing sage green touches. For a creative boost in your home office, experiment with emerald green accents against Peach Fuzz, creating a space that is both invigorating and calming. Embrace the contrast and fearlessly use bold shades for a truly dramatic effect.

peach and teal rooms next to each other

Pic: Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files

peach playroom with pops of green and colour
A peach mural is the hero in this colourful kids playroom from Oh Joy, with pops of green for contrast 

print of a smiling peach with the words you're a peach

Bring a touch of fruity joy to your little one's space with a "You're a Peach" print

Pink, Lavender and Gold for a Touch of Sweetness
Don't shy away from blending Peach Fuzz with various shades of pink and lavender! Introducing playful touches of pink infuses energy and excitement while maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort. Imagine a creamy Peach Fuzz base adorned with vibrant hot pink accents, akin to a scoop of raspberry sorbet on a delectable dessert. A hint of gold introduces a touch of glamour and sophistication, like the finishing sprinkle of edible glitter. This unexpected combination is ideal for a playful child's room or an opulent bedroom.

PInk, peach and gold kids bedroomThis little girls bedroom features shades of peach, pinks and lavender with little pops of peach fuzz and gold. Pic via Youtube.

peach fuzz bedroom with lavender and gold

Peach fuzz walls, gold bedding, pink and lavender furniture and a feature ceiling! Credit: Sofie Hepworth

So, while Peach Fuzz may not immediately resonate with the maximalist colour lover, its versatility and warmth make it a viable option for a variety of styles, especially when artfully combined. Who knows, you might even develop an affection for Peach Fuzz (or at least be open to giving it a try)!"

Are you team peach fuzz or sitting this one out? Let us know in the comments. 

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