Counting Down 4 of our favourite New Years Cupcakes

On- Thursday 21 December 2023


gold and silver discoball decorations on new years eve cupcakes

As the clock ticks away and the calendar pages flip, we find ourselves on the brink of a brand new year – a clean slate filled with endless possibilities and, of course, a sweet tooth that's ready to celebrate! What better way to bid farewell to the past 365 days and welcome the next 365 than with the most delightful, delectable, and downright delicious New Year's Eve cupcakes?

1. The Disco Ball Cupcake: Turn your New Year's Eve party into a disco inferno with the Disco Ball Cupcake. Covered in sparkly silver and gold edible glitter, these cupcakes bring the bling to your celebration. Cue the funky music and get ready to boogie – these cupcakes are here to dance their way into your heart! Topped off with our printable disco ball toppers available here

pink champagne cupcakes with gold sprinkles

2. The Champagne Toast Cupcake:
Who needs a glass of bubbly when you can have a Champagne Toast Cupcake? These little wonders are infused with a hint of pink champagne, giving them that extra touch of sophistication. Top them off with a swirl of champagne-infused frosting and edible gold sprinkles for a touch of glamour. Find the recipe on Some Type Place.

Confetti Explosion Cupcake

3. The Confetti Explosion Cupcake:
Start your New Year's Eve festivities with a bang – or rather, a burst of confetti! These cupcakes are a riot of color, with confetti toppings and a rainbow of colourful sprinkles that are hidden in the center, a pop of excitement to every bite. It's like a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited! Try the recipe for these on Homemade Interest.

The Resolution Breaker Cupcake, chocolate caramel cupcakes for new years eve topped with the most delicious caramel buttercream drizzled with caramel and chocolate ganache and sprinkled with a little colourful edible glitter

4. The Resolution Breaker Cupcake: Indulge your rebellious side with the Resolution Breaker Cupcake. Packed with all the guilty pleasures you promised to give up in the new year, these cupcakes are a delicious rebellion against the constraints of resolutions. Chocolate, caramel, and a little edible glitter to finished – because rules were made to be broken, especially when it comes to cupcakes! Try Chelsweets recipe for this one.

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