Nursery and Kids Room Trends 2024

On- Tuesday 9 January 2024

colourful nursery with rainbow rug, circus lion print, mobile and curved crib

As we dive into 2024, let's explore the cool trends awaiting nursery and kids' room design! The wonderland whimsy trend is absolutely stealing the show, bringing in vibrant colors, playful shapes, and tons of imaginative fun. What else is in? Soft, rounded vibes are taking over, making nurseries all cozy and chill. It's a mega blend of joy and excitement, giving nurseries a serious style upgrade and letting creativity and personal flair shine through! 

Wonderland Whimsy: A Colorful Carnival of Fun - Fill your space with vibrant bursts of colour, where bouncy chairs invite laughter, rainbow rugs inspire creativity, and colourful mobiles hang like art installations transforming the nursery into a whimsical wonderland where every detail sparks curiosity and joy. Pastels and warm neutrals are popular but with the incorporation of unexpected vivid colours, from roaring yellow and radiant orange to catchy red, hot pink, or a pop of purple.

Curved Edges: Embracing Timeless Shapes - The trend of curved edges maintains its dominance in 2024, favoring soft, round shapes over sharp edges. Embrace this timeless trend in your nursery with a round-edge crib, curved lounge, circular ottoman, and rounded mirrors. Consider incorporating nubby fabrics like bouclé in these soft contours to add a tactile and cozy dimension. These curved elements not only evoke a soothing aesthetic but also introduce a touch of elegance to the nursery, crafting a soothing environment for your little bundle of joy.

dark jungle themed kids nursery with tropical wallpaper and bold born to be wld print above wooden crib

Maximalized Walls: Big Statements for Small Spaces - Maximalized walls take center stage in nursery design, offering an impactful canvas for personal style. Themed murals inspired by wild jungles, intriguing safaris, or urban views add stylish appeal. Even in the coziest nurseries, these walls become a focal point, creating a visual impact that is both affordable and transformative. While maximalized walls might not suit every living space, they are perfect for the baby's room, allowing parents to stylishly elevate the nursery environment.

Cottagecore Aesthetic pink nursery with vintage bunny print

Vintage and Cottagecore Aesthetics: Storytime in Style - In 2024, the nursery transforms into a canvas for storytelling with a cottagecore aesthetic, embracing the charm of vintage art prints and timeless furniture pieces. Incorporate elements of Granny chic—or grandmillennial—where rooms are adorned in chintz and chandeliers, elevating the ambiance with a nostalgic touch. A prevailing trend encourages imbuing every detail with personal meaning. Begin with a piece close to your heart – a vacation memory, an heirloom furniture piece, a favorite bunny toy, or a specific print – and let it inspire the entire design, from colour palette to patterns. This trend invites parents to curate a nursery that not only exudes beauty but also holds sentimental value, weaving a unique and cherished story within its design.

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