Thursday, 14 December 2017

2017 favourites!

Looking for some inspiration after a bad day

It's a tricky one but I'm going to share my top ten favourite illustrations from this year - in no particular order. It's been such a busy year for creative monsoon thank you to everyone who purchased a print and thank you for all the wonderful feedback and encouragement. Looking forward to making lots more art next year!

Continuing a bit of a cat craze from last year - Nefferkitty

Weeks were spent trying to prefect the pineapple! Finally I had a look I loved

Phases of the moon is the first work in a new range that's also aimed at grown ups

Rainbow lion based on an original collage

Fine my prints at

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

evolution of a bunny

I thought I'd share some pictures of the process that goes into my illustration work using this rabbit I've been working on for the past couple of days. It always amazes me how such a slight change to shapes and positioning can make such an enormous difference. First I start with sketches, sketches and more sketches getting the shapes and styles right, this can go for days, sometimes weeks even. Then it's onto the computer. Always good to step away for a while and come back to an illustration with fresh eyes later.

Lots of sketching first

Getting the shapes worked out 
Who ate all the carrots

That's more like it!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

the lookouts

'The Lookout I' 

Excited to share the finished images of these two new landscapes I've been working on this month. The Lookout I and The Lookout II. Digital collages from security envelope lining, photography and watercolour washes, with cut paper on board. 25x25cm

'The Lookout II' 

This year I've set myself the challenge of going more three dimensional with my work, particularly with the landscapes. It was also nice to try and work with a different colour palette for a landscape with the pinks and greens.

They will be on show at Aspire Gallery next month 1 - 15 February as part of Petite Pieces 2017.
53 Kennedy Terrace Paddington

Saturday, 17 December 2016

end of year exhibition

Wow what a crazy year! It's been such a busy few weeks with Christmas and getting ready for the last market and last exhibition of the year. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported all the local artists and designers at the Aspire Gallery's inaugural Christmas market in Paddington. It was great to be able to share my kids designs as well as my fine art work in the gallery. And thanks to everyone who has support creative monsoon and my fine art this year. I've got lots of plans for 2017 including a whole new range to work on!  More on that in the months to come.
So enjoy your holidays and see you in the New Year!

Monday, 31 October 2016

babies, books and rhymes

Twinkle Twinkle

Through November if you head to Brisbane's Ashgrove Library you can see a selection of my children's illustrations. (In fact it's been there already for a couple of weeks. It just happens someone pulled out of last months slot.) The Ashgrove Library seemed like a nice spot to show off my kids artwork which I started last year. I began going to the library with my little boy every week when he was 6mths for the babies, books and rhymes. Pretty soon I was creating fun and colourful illustrations inspired by the songs, rhymes and the books borrowed. Today I'm happy to say it's my full time job. So if you're in the Ashgrove area pop in and take a look.

All works are for sale. Framed versions can be picked up after the exhibition from Bardon in December, or I can drop them off locally. Prints are always available at
USE THE CODE LIBRARY10 for 10% off

Ashgrove Library is located at 87 Amarina Ave, Ashgrove QLD

Hello Possum

You are out of this World
Shine Like Only You Can

Kangaroo Kisses

You make me Happy when Skies are Grey

Shine Bright Diamond

You are Purrfect

Mirror Mirror Giraffe

12345 Fish

Reach for the Stars Giraffe

Thursday, 27 October 2016

feline friends

Cool Cat

Flapper Cat

Cat's Pyjamas

You are purrfect

I've been asked a few times about creating some cat illustrations - so here they are. Been keeping me busy for weeks, and there are more to come. Available from

Friday, 7 October 2016

This month I'll be taking part in another group art exhibition, Elemental Brisbane at the Reverse Emporium in Woolloongabba.

The exhibition celebrates the works artists create using elements from the waste stream, PAPER, METAL, WOOD AND FIBER as the raw materials for their art. I have several pieces including some new collage landscapes made using elements such as wallpaper offcuts, recycled marketing material and of course, my favourite security envelope lining.

'Moonlight Mountain'
Recycled paper, wallpaper, acrylic paint and pen on reclaimed board
'Mountain Waves'
Recycled paper, wallpaper, acrylic paint and security envelope lining on reclaimed board

'Mountain Destination'
Recycled paper, map, acrylic paint and security envelope lining on reclaimed board

Opening night is October 15th with live music, a re-fashion parade, late-night shopping in the Woolloongabba Warehouse, food and drinks and celebrations. Elemental Brisbane will continue with two weeks of exhibitor master-class workshops as well as a team marble run challenge on Saturday October 22.
 Reverse Emporium is located at 20 Burke St, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, Australia

'Mirror Mountain'
Acrylic paint and security envelope lining on board

Friday, 23 September 2016

Delicate Emotive

This month you can find more of my work at the Aspire Gallery in Brisbane's Paddington as part of Delicate Emotive. A group exhibition where the emphasis of the work is emotion and delicateness.  'Reflective Rose' (above) 9x11" original digital mixed media on board.

'Daisy Chain' 8x8" original digital mixed media on board

'Crushed blue rose' 8x8" original digital mixed media on board

The works are a mix of vintage graphics, found paper, antique maps, encaustic and watercolour effects and of course some security envelope lining. Printed with archival inks onto acid free and recycled paper. 

You can see the exhibition at Aspire Gallery, 
54 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane until 8th October

Thursday, 4 August 2016

comforts of home

If you follow any of my social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, you've probably noticed a lot of blue and white lately. Last month I was busy getting ready for a group exhibition at the Aspire Gallery in Brisbane's Paddington. The theme was 'comforts of home' and I took it as an opportunity to resurrect some old ways of working as wall as learning some new skills.

Having spent a significant portion of my life travelling I was interested in exploring what images might represent home when I've had so many different ones. I decided to narrow it down the most recent few cities, adopting a very homely subject of chintz fabric, patchwork and china plates.

Using different floral and bird motifs I created individual artworks to represent a home city and country. The passion fruit to me is Brisbane, Sydney the frangipani, London a rose and Wellington a Kawhai. The birds are a Rainbow Lorikeet for Australia, Wren for England and Tui for New Zealand.

Using antique illustrations as a starting point I recreated the flowers and birds from security envelope lining, then grouped them together to form a chintz 'fabric' pattern. It was my first attempt at making a repeatable pattern and is definitely something I'd like to try again.

I printed the pattern in large format then cut it into piece along with more security envelope lining to create a large paper patchwork. I then went back to the individual floral images and created blue and white china plate designs. It was nice to go back to working with porcelain again, something I used to use a lot in my NZ gallery. This time rather than hand painting I was able to transfer my designs directly from the printer onto the plates. There are also limited edition prints of these pieces on lovely glossy paper.

You can see the real things at the Aspire Gallery until 20th August at 53 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington. Limited edition prints are available through